25 Amazing Chrome Extensions For SEO(2021)


Hey Guys, In this article, I am going to show the Amazing Chrome Extensions For SEO, Which was used and recommended by Top SEO Experts in the World. First What is SEO and Why we need Chrome Extensions.

SEO is one of the best but time-consuming techniques in Digital marketing It takes more time to check whether our strategy worked or not. It depends on the search engine’s algorithm. If you want to learn SEO from scratch, I will recommend you to see my article for Free SEO Certification Course. For the SEO Purpose, We have to use more websites, More tools, and also we have to know what we are searching for. To make this process easy we are using the Chrome extensions for SEO. In my experience and some research, I have listed about 25 best Chrome Extensions for SEO that makes life easy for Digital Marketers and SEO Peoples.

I personally tested and reviewed 25 Free Extensions.

So if you want to:

  • Save more time
  • Get high ranking to your website
  • See the best SEO Chrome Extensions in one place

then you’ll Love this amazing guide.

Let’s get started.

List of best Free Chrome Extensions For SEO

1. Mozbar


Mozbar is a famous Chrome Extensions For SEO, which was created by Moz. This tool shows the domain authority and spam score of the website.

Domain Authority is a one, However Domain Authority is not a direct ranking factor but we can understand that the higher your domain authority, the higher your rankings are. You can get more features when you upgrade to a premium plan it consists of SEO-related features like Page Optimization, we can know Keyword Difficulty, and more metrics in our hands.

2. SEO quake


Seoquake is a product of SEMRUSH which was an industry-leading company in SEO. It was used for Conducting Audits on the On-page of a website, User can examine the internal and external links, we can compare domains and URLs in real-time, and Data can be exported into a file.

3. Keywords Everywhere


Keywords Everywhere help us in Keyword Research. It shows relevant searches related to our query and also historic data for that keyword. We can view the website traffic and which keywords give that much traffic in any website for the top 20 google page results. We can able to download the search volume, CPC, and competition data in Excel, CSV, or pdf formats.

4. SEO Minion


SEO Minion is another Famous Chrome Extensions for SEO, Which is used to Analyse the ON-Page SEO and shows the issues, It helps to find the broken links, allows us to check google ranking for various countries search, We can preview the SERP result to improve the CTR, Check Redirects and Hreflang checking. This tool was recommended by many SEO Experts.

5. Grammarly


Grammarly helps me in daily works to correct the spelling, Punctuations grammatical mistakes for my content and also helps to change it. It helps in the ON-Page SEO part to provide quality and errorless content. When you purchase a premium account, They provide extra benefits such as a plagiarism checker and more advanced SEO-based content features.

6. Keyword Surfer


Keyword Surfer helps us in Content and Keyword research. It shows the monthly search data of the particular keyword. It also helps discover new keyword ideas and tells us how difficult it is to rank at the top of google for our given phrase. Keyword Surfer Suggests some content guidelines based on the NLP Algorithm and competitor’s content. It helps us to make sure our content is relative, high quality, and competitive.

7. Google Lighthouse


Google Lighthouse is google’s Chrome Extension for SEO, Which shows how much our website is easy to access, What are the issues with the Website’s Speed, Design, and many technical things. It can be calculated out of 100. Higher the number will give a high-quality user experience, Then google will increase your ranking. So, Use this tool to find the flaws and optimize regularly.

8. UberSuggest


Ubersuggest are also similar to keywords everywhere, It was created by one of top SEO Expert and digital marketer in the world, Neil Patel. it allows us to see the CPC, Back Links overview, Keywords overview, Related keyword Suggestions, and the final feature is we can check the URL metrics of any website  

9. similarweb


Similarweb was some of the most commonly used chrome extensions for seo purposes. It shows how websites are ranked globally across every industry and country and also able to analyze the engagements. Another important feature is we can also know the sources for their traffic like social media, emails, direct traffic, etc. We can know where visitors come from and even be able to follow the web traffic trends.

10. Buzzsumo


Buzzsumo is famous for discovering content, outreach opportunities, and engagements across all social and Search. Buzzsumo Extension helps to get the data of your social media engagements for a particular link such as how many people shared our post across the social media, In which platforms the highest amount of links are shared, and the total number of links available. That’s Why It is also in the list of Top Chrome Extensions For SEO.

11. NoFollow


Nofollow is the term used in the off-page SEO, Which is the property given to the link to notify Don’t use this link for ranking calculations to the google search engine. Nofollow tool helps us to find such links on our website.

12. Majestic Backlink Analyzer


Backlinks are the one main ranking factor in Google. The ranking is based on how relevant and high-quality backlinks our site have. Majestic Backlink Analyzer helps to find how many links are there. From that link how much is trustworthy and how much strong. We can use this SEO extension to check how much our page is strong based on Backlinks.

13. NinjaOutreach Lite


NinjaOutreach Lite is another top Free Chrome Extensions for SEO. It does not directly support SEO but it helps to collaborate with the website owner by showing their social media handles, We can get an update of their blogs posts, How many visitors they are getting, and from which country. If you have a pro account, You can able to auto-fill the forms with prebuilt templates. It is really helpful for Blog commenting and Guest Posting.

14. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar


Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is simple, handy, and effective for SEO Works. It helps to know SERP Positions, Broken links, On-page SEO reports. It helps to highlight the links from any website and also Redirect Tracer with HTTPS Request.

15. LinkMiner


LinkMiner is a Powerful Backlink Chrome Extensions for SEO People. That helps to get the most powerful backlinks of competitors. It gets the link by entering the domain name of your competitor and Link strengths are based on the super known metrics like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Others. Another Feature is You don’t need to get to the website and check the link. you can simply preview the placement of the links in referring domain, the tools highlight it for you. You can even save the links to the relevant list. This is a pretty awesome tool and it has 10 days free trial. So you can easily try this.

16. Link Grabber


If you want to get all links from a particular page, That is a very time-consuming process because we have to pick one by one, Save it into our document and forget about where we stopped at last. To solve this problem, I recommend the Chrome Extension Called Link Grabber. Just add the domain and wait. This Extension will finish the work for you.

17. vidIQ Vision for YouTube


Many peoples ask me why everyone only showing chrome extensions for SEO-related blogs and articles. Say something for youtube SEO. This is the one chrome Extension that helps to optimize SEO for your video. VidIQ Vision for Youtube Extension gives you the keywords related to your videos, Which topics people are searching for, how to get more views etc. It has so many features like channel audit, competitor analysis, and much more. This Extension is a must for Youtubers who wants to increase their view and engagements.

18. Linkclump


Linkclump is a cool Chrome Extension really helpful to get all the links from the pages by dragging the mouse up to your need. This is a pretty good tool to copy the links however you want. Another feature is you can filter links based on the keyword and also be able to set a delay between opening one link and another. This saves our computer’s ram from overloading.

19. Redirect Path


Redirect Path is a little bit technical. it happens on the server-side. If someone enters into the link, Suppose the link is broken or under maintenance automatically we have been redirected to the other webpage. Redirect Path Helps us to find what happened i.e what is the error code and Where we are going to redirect.

20. META SEO inspector


META SEO Inspector Helps us to find the metadata which is not visible while browsing, but it will visible to the google crawlers. We have to optimize it according to the webmaster’s guidelines. For Example: In this Extension, it shows alerts such as meta description is not in the range like that. Then you can figure it out and optimize for Search Engines.

21. Fatrank


Fatrank is used to checks the rank for the particular keyword. Install and click on the extension, After that enter the keyword you have to see the rank. It shows up to 100 search results. After it shows an error because that’s the capacity of this extension. If it shows any other error again, Just close the tool because google blocks this due to high traffic arises in a short span.

22. AMP Validator


AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is the term used for the mobile responsive pages on the website. If your page is optimized for AMP, Then you have a higher chance of getting higher ranks in search engines. For this purpose, You can use the AMP validator Chrome Extension. It shows the issues to be solved to get more responsiveness in mobile and issues warning on any changes affects AMP. 

23. TextOptimizer


TextOptimizer is something similar to Grammarly. But, it helps to write SEO-optimized content. They are claiming that you don’t need to be SEO Expert to write SEO Content. From this you can clearly understand, This Extension helps content writers to improve their content based on SEO. This will increase the chances of getting a higher ranking. This will satisfy both search engines and Users.

24. gInfinity


ginfinity Extension is super cool to search for your pages in google without clicking next on google. That means this extension adds up to 20 searches automatically When you reach the last of the page. These can reduce lots of time spent on clicking next and waiting to load the page fully.

25. Scraper


Scraper is an old Chrome Extension but it useful until now. It helps to get similar information from the website related to our search query. First, you need to select something then press right click and click scrape similar. Then it shows all the content in the website which is relevant to your selected data. The main beauty of this extension is we can export these data to our google docs in a small time.


Now we have seen 25 Chrome Extensions for SEO, but it is very messy when we install everything in chrome. To solve this problem I will love to share with you another super cool Extension. Which is One Click Extension Manager.

One Click Extensions Manager


One Click Extensions Manager Extension Helps us to manage more tools in one icon. It allows us to search for a particular extension in it. So, Next time we don’t have to see every extension to find our needed extension. 

Now It’s Your Turn

I really hope you enjoyed my complete List of Chrome Extensions For SEO

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which Extension from today’s List are you going to try first?

Are you going to start using Mozbar?

Or maybe you want to try SEOquake.

Or Suggest to me something That I didn’t mention here but you are using for long time

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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