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List of Top 25 Digital Marketing Blogs in India

1. Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of the Top Digital marketers, an Instagram Influencer, and also an Entrepreneur in India. He started his blogging career at the age of 17 on his website “”.

It was one of the top digital marketing blogs in India. He was recognized as the best digital marketing influencer around the world by Buzzsumo.

He is a founder of Echovme, one of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai. Echovme is serving Top Companies such as SPR Highliving, JCS Jewel Creations,,, Ramco Systems, and much more.

After many achievements as an Entrepreneur, Due to his passion for Teaching, Sorav Jain has started Digital Scholar, India’s first agency-styled Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai, Which has both offline and Online Digital Marketing courses. This course provides knowledge in 12 modules with certifications. His Digital Marketing blogs are valuable resources for aspiring Digital marketers.

Owned By: Sorav Jain

Started: 2009

Location: Chennai


2. Digital Deepak


Deepak Kanakaraju a.k.a Digital Deepak blog is one of the top digital marketing blogs in India and also the best blogger in the bike industry.

He is very interested in motorcycles at that time, so he loves to read magazines and watch videos regarding bikes. At the time he realized that there are no blogs available for this sector in India. That’s the beginning of his blog.

He started his blogging journey in 2008, the name of the website is “”. It got a huge amount of traffic of about 1Million page views per month at that time.

In 2012, He exited from his blog and started his journey as a Digital marketer. He worked with various unicorn startups such as Razorpay, Exotel, Practo, and Instamojo. In 2018, He became the CEO of PixelTrack Digital Pvt Ltd. Now he is the CEO of learntoday and helps people in learning digital marketing. His marketing blogs help to understand the core concepts of digital marketing.

Owned By: Deepak Kanagaraju

Started: 2013

Location: Bangalore


3. Social Samosa


Social samosa is also one of the topmost digital marketing blogs in India, which helps to know the latest trends, news, and also high-quality content. In social samosa, you can see tech reviews, campaigns, industry benchmarks, Big Data Insights, Interviews, Social Media Campaigns, and much more. They are known for their quality digital content.

If you are already in the digital marketing field, then you can update your knowledge of what’s happening in the digital world and also able to get introduced to newer tools.

Owned By: Hitesh Rajwani

Started: 2011

Location: Mumbai


4. Shout Me Loud


Shoutmeloud is the blog created by harsh Agarwal at a young age. It is one of the award-winning digital marketing blogs in India. He was an engineering graduate and gets placed in Accenture after graduation. He started blogging as his hobby in free Blogspot. After getting so much response, he hosted in paid hosting.

If you have a blog or are interested in blogging or If you want to learn about SEO or How to start a blog, then it is a one-stop solution. From his high-quality content, He guides people on how to create a profitable blog and get more traffic.

Owned By: Harsh Agarwal

Started: 2008

Location: Delhi


5. Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya is a Digital marketing learning platform in India, They are transforming many students into the best digital marketers. They are providing useful quality content through their blogs. They are also one of the top digital marketing blogs in India.

They are providing tips, tricks, and step-by-step guides on various digital marketing topics. They are providing free case studies with the latest strategies. You can even attend their free webinars with top digital marketers to understand the concept. If you are searching for more information about digital marketing, Then you can refer to them.

Owned By: Pradeep Chopra, Kapil Nakra

Started: 2009

Location: Delhi


6. Campaign India


Campaign India is a blog which is covering the advertising, marketing, and media verticals. This helps us to understand the world-class advertising models, how people are reacting to the marketing campaigns, and so on. They are updating the latest news daily regarding digital and advertisements. We can check this blog regularly to gain knowledge of world-level digital trends.

Owned By: Haymarket Media India Ltd

Started: 2007

Location: Mumbai


7. Influencer


Influencer is a place where social media influencers can join and earn money by posting sponsored posts. Influence provides blogs related to influencer marketing, how to attract people using influencers, influencer marketing tips, Top Influencer programs, and much more. If you are a brand, you can join this company to advertise your products or services.

If you are an influencer or trying to be an influencer, you can refer to their blogs to understand proven strategies, guides, tips, and tricks. After growing your social media followers, then you can join with them to monetize your social media pages.

Owned By: Social Beat

Started: 2016

Location: Chennai


8. Social Beat


Social Beat is one of the top fastest-growing digital agencies based in Chennai. They have 200+ happy clients and also worked with big companies such as Finolex, Casagrande, tata mutual funds, Malabar gold & diamonds, Himalaya & so on. Social beat owns, Digigrad and 22 Their blog is also considered one of the top digital marketing blogs in India

They are providing a blog that covers SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing, etc. These resources are really helpful for beginners as well as intermediate. They also teach Digital marketing courses through their learning platform, Digigrad.

Owned By: Vikas Chawla

Started: 2012

Location: Chennai


9. Digital Ready


Digital Ready is a Digital Marketing Training Institute based in Madhapur, Telangana. They are Preparing young graduates into a person who fit for companies and jobs by giving intense training with their Experienced Trainers. They are adding quality content to their blogs regularly. These blogs help us to understand various aspects of digital marketing fields and real-time case studies.

Owned By: Chiranjeevi Maddala, Srinivas Vemula

Started: 2011

Location: Madhapur, Telangana


10. Blogger Ideas


BloggerIdeas is also the best kickass Digital marketing blog in India Which is created by Jitendra Vaswani. He is a Digital marketer, Public Speaker, and Affiliate marketer. His book “Inside A Hustler’s Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” sold more than 20,000 copies. He also trained 10,000+ digital marketing professionals until now. His blog helps us to learn SEO, Link building, How to Blog, and so on. 

Owned By: Jitendra Vaswani

Started: 2013

Location: Rajasthan


11. Exchange4media


Exchange4media is a blog that speaks about digital marketing, advertising, and marketing on various platforms. They are providing the latest news happening all over the world in digital fields. If you are a digital marketer, This will really help you to get the latest content for social media posts and get regularly updated with the latest trends.

Owned By: Nawal Ahuja

Started: 2000

Location: Mumbai


12. MYHQ Digest


Myhq is a coworking space providing company helping startups and businesses to get their working space at affordable cost. Myhq digest is a blog that helps to gain knowledge in Freelancing, digital marketing, and also guides startups.

In this blog, The information is very well researched and updated understandably. That’s the reason this is one of the top digital marketing blogs in India for beginners.

Owned By: Utkarsh Kawatra, Vinayak Agrawal

Started: 2016

Location: Delhi


13. Bloggers passion


you can ask Why Bloggerpassion is the top digital marketing blog in India because his key ideas in SEO and building a Moneymaking blog really work. Bloggerpassion is a blog in which you can get more info about digital marketing. Anil Agarwal is a blogger and also affiliate marketer.

He earns $10,000 per month through blogging. He also teaches how to make money by writing blogs and how to increase organic traffic. You can check out his blogs to get a clear mindset on affiliate marketing.

Owned By: Anil Agarwal

Started: 2010

Location: Gurgaon


14. Digiperform


Digi perform is a Noida-based Digital Marketing Training Institute, Which aims for youths, professionals, and business owners to achieve their career growth.

They are providing training in various modules of digital marketing. Instead of their premium courses, They also providing valuable resources in their blogs. They are adding value to digital marketing beginners to boost their career growth. 

Owned By: Manu Jolly, Vaibhav Vats

Started: 2014

Location: Noida


15. Techmagnate


Techmagnate is one of the top leading digital marketing agencies in India. They are providing many digital marketing solutions to clients all over the world. They have worked with High profile clients like Bajaj Finserv, PNB housing, etc. They are also providing high-quality content for digital marketers in the form of blogs.

They speak about SEO, SMM, Analytics, Paid ads, WordPress setup, and much more in their blogs. For these reasons, They are also considered as top digital marketing blogs in India.

Owned By: Sarvesh Bagla

Started: 2006

Location: Delhi


16. Rankon Technologies

Rankon Technologies is a Lucknow-based Digital Marketing Agency, which provides 360-degree digital marketing services to various clients. And also they are providing resources about digital marketing modules. which will really help you to understand the core concept.

Owned By: Raja Chellan

Started: 2018

Location: Lucknow


17. IIDE

IIDE or Indian Institute of Digital Education is a Digital Marketing Training institute That offers more variety of programs to students with a different range of Fees. Even though, They are providing some good resources for us in the form of Blogs and case studies.

Owned By: Karan Shah

Started: 2016

Location: Mumbai


18. Internet Marketing School

Internet Marketing school is also one of the training institutes for digital marketing. To educate their users, They are adding up some more blogs in the frequency of time.

Owned By: Sanjay Singhania

Started: 2016

Location: Delhi


19. BloggingBeats

BloggingBeats is an individual author blog which covers digital marketing, SEO, blogging, and affiliate marketing. you can get good knowledge from this one.

Owned By: Amit Garg

Started: 2019

Location: Delhi


20. Ranking By SEO

Ranking By SEO is an SEO and Digital Marketing Agency which provides various services for its clients. And also delivering good content through their blogs.

Owned By: Lalit Sharma

Started: 2008

Location: Noida


21. TIS India

TIS India blogs are really interesting to read because they are running their digital marketing agency to provide Various services. So, They know much more about Digital Marketing that why their contents are so good. That’s why it is in Top Digital marketing blogs in India

Owned By: Amit Bansal

Started: 2006

Location: Noida


22. Litmus Branding

Branding is always needed for the business to survive in these high competition worlds. Litmus Branding helps businesses in branding. With their branding work, they also provide a good amount of blogs in the regular interval of time.

Owned By: Kapil Vaishnani

Started: 2001

Location: Ahmedabad


23. MXMIndia

MXMIndia is not only a Digital Marketing Blog, but also covers all the areas of advertising and marketing by covering daily stories. If you want to get updated with daily events in the digital world then this is a good choice.

Owned By: Pradyuman Maheshwari

Started: 2011

Location: Mumbai


24. Pitch ON Net

Pitchonnet is also the same as an MXMindia. Which helps what is really happening in the digital world . It covers it with the latest news.

Owned By: –

Started: –

Location: 2003


25. Advertising Age India

Advertising Age is a global network of Digital Advertising companies that has a branch in India called Advertising Age India. It helps to know about digital marketing, advertising, the latest news, and much more. This is one of the best digital marketing blogs in India to understand market.

Owned By: Josh Golden

Started: 1930

Location: –


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