Best Digital Marketing Influencers you need to follow (2021)

Top Digital Marketing Influencers

This is the ultimate list of Best Digital Marketing Influencers in 2021.

And let me be clear about something:

This is not only about telling who are best. but, also

Encourages you to follow these influencers in the Digital marketing industry to get more knowledge.

So if you’re looking to get updated in Any Digital Marketing Field, you’ll love this list.

Best Digital Marketing Influencers are:

1. Sorav Jain


echoVME and Digital Scholar were founded by Sorav Jain. He began his career as an SEO Executive at the age of seventeen. With over 10 years of expertise in the digital marketing sector, he has made a name for himself. He has a YouTube account and a blog.

He’d also created a couple Udemy courses that you could look at if you’re searching for anything similar. He is regarded as one of the top GURUs in the field of digital marketing. CMO Asia named his agency echoVME as “The Best Social Media Agency of 2013.” He is enthralled by his journey, which he transmits via his lectures and training programmes.

2. Neil Patel

In the world of digital marketing, Neil Patel is a jack of all crafts. Neil Patel is the one of the real digital marketing influencers, particularly in the areas of search engines and content marketing. He is recognised as one of the greatest Digital Marketers in the world and is the driving force behind the Digital Marketing revolution.

He’s also on Forbes’ list of the top 10 digital marketers. Crazy Eggs, HelloBar, KIssmetrics, and a number of additional platforms were founded by him. He has counselled and growth-hacked firms including Amazon, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, and NBC in addition to his own enterprises.

3. Brian Dean

Brian Dean is renowned as an SEO Genius and has an award-winning blog. He is a globally recognised thought-leader in SEO. Entrepreneur Magazine even dubbed him a “great entrepreneur” – now that’s praise! Do you want to increase your SEO and blog copywriting abilities? Backlinko, Brian Dean’s well-known site, has a wealth of SEO and link-building information.

4. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is a well-known SEO specialist and entrepreneur who is best known as the CEO and co-founder of Moz, an SEO software firm. After that, he established SparkToro, a software firm that provides audience evaluation and intelligence tools that helps marketers better understand their target consumers.

He’s also an author and a well-known keynote speaker who gives presentations and training on marketing and entrepreneurship issues all around the world.

5. Larry Kim

He is the CEO and founder of MobileMonkey and WordStream, as well as a digital marketing influencer and coach. Not only that, but he is one of Medium’s top contributors and one of its most well-known authors. He made contributions to well-known companies such as Google and Facebook. He is now one of the most well-known Google Ads and SEO influencers.

Kim founded Wordstream, an industry-leading software as a service (SAAS) firm and the top provider of AdWords, Facebook, and keyword tools, before founding MobileMonkey. To remain up to speed on Kim’s latest marketing ideas and techniques, subscribe to the MobileMonkeys blog.

6. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is one of the world’s best digital marketers. He’s a well-known keynote speaker, businessman, and best-selling book. Forbes called him a Top Influencer of Chief Marketing Officers, and Entrepreneur named him one of the Top 50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch.

He was designated the #1 Global Content Marketing Influencer by Onalytica (a tool we included in our Top 7 Influencer Relationship Management Tools). Are you looking for in-depth digital marketing guidance from a reputable professional? Jeff’s blog covers a wide range of topics, including social media video content, analytics tools, marketing advice, data visualisation, content marketing, and more.

7. Gary Vaynerchuk

Are you even a digital marketer if you haven’t seen Gary Vee’s clips on your LinkedIn timeline? Of course, we’re joking, but there’s no denying that Gary Vaynerchuk is a major digital marketing influencer.

He is the CEO of VaynerMedia and the chairman of VaynerX, a media and communications holding firm. Do you need some no-nonsense, straight-talking advice? Gary Vee’s DailyVee video series, which covers social media marketing and business, is available on YouTube.

8. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is the digital marketing industry’s bad boy. His book, The 4-Hour Work Week, is on the best-seller lists of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. He was one among the early investors in companies such as Facebook, Duolingo, Shopify, and others.

He is also recognised for his podcasts and audio programmes, which have already received over 100 million downloads. Digital marketing, company management, leadership, and business growth are some of the subjects he teaches.

9. Jay Baer

Convince & Convert was founded by Jay Baer, and he is most known for it. He’s a New York Times bestselling book, a well-known digital marketer, a customer experience specialist, and a keynote speaker. Do you want to work more efficiently? Follow his Social Pros Podcast, which won the Content Marketing Awards for Best Marketing Podcast.

10. Deepak Kanagaraju

Deepak Kanakaraju, often known as “Digital Deepak” in the business, is a Digital Marketing influencer, Speaker, and Trainer. He is the co-founder of PixelTrack Digital and has over ten years of expertise in digital marketing. At, he writes on digital marketing. He is also a published author and a TEDx speaker on the topic of blogging.

11. Eric Enge

Eric Enge is the General Manager of Perficient Digital, an award-winning digital business that offers a comprehensive range of services. Eric was formerly the founder and CEO of Stone Temple, a multi-award-winning digital marketing business that Perficient purchased in July 2018. He is the primary co-author of The Art of SEO, a 900+ page book dubbed “the bible of SEO” by industry insiders. In 2016, Enge received the Landy Award for Search Marketer of the Year from Search Engine Land, as well as the US Search Awards Search Personality of the Year. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and panellist at major business conferences, as well as a prolific writer, researcher, and instructor.

12. Amber Naslund

Amber is a corporate strategist that specialises in community, social, and communication projects. Professional fundraising, corporate communications, marketing, professional services, and social business strategy are all areas in which she excels. She’s directed multimillion-dollar fundraising campaigns, developed and led senior communication teams, and assisted with the introduction of global brands. She counselled Fortune 500 businesses on social business strategy as the VP of Social Strategy for Salesforce Radian6, and established a recognised community and social media team that helped to a successful acquisition in May 2011. 

13. Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss is an entrepreneur, author, and investor whose firms “practically rule the internet,” according to Shark Tank star Daymond John. Ryan’s business pursuits began while he was a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin, where he launched his first website and made his first sale from his dorm room. This one web property had expanded to 500 by the time he graduated, and a pastime had turned into a company.

Let’s fast forward to today. Ryan is the Founder and CEO of The Scalable Company (,, and, as well as a Founding Partner of Scalable Equity, LLC, a venture capital firm focused on the development and acquisition of B2B media and software companies.

Ryan is the originator of the “Customer Value Optimization” technique and is credited with popularising many of the digital selling methods that are now commonplace in modern businesses.

14. Pam Moore

Pam Moore, or “Pam Marketing Nut,” is the CEO and Co-Founder of Marketing Nutz, a full-service immersive social brand, digital content marketing, and conversion optimization agency that helps companies not just do social, but be socially relevant.

Pam is a Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer (#5), a frequent keynote speaker, and a best-selling book, according to Forbes. She has more than 15 years of expertise with entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 companies in developing successful brands and integrated platforms that help them succeed in both business and life.

Pam thinks that we must first inspire our audiences to engage, and then we must focus on developing connections by assisting them in achieving their objectives. In both life and business, her slogan is “Inspire, Connect, Achieve.”

Pam left corporate three years ago with the goal of creating a more nimble, cost-effective firm that could service companies of all sizes. Within two years, her first agency was sold. The British Council, Lowe’s Home Improvement, IBM, Sony Playstation Group, ServiceMaster, and Emerson are among the companies that Marketing Nutz proudly serves.

15. Kim Garst

Kim Garst has been an internet company owner for over 28 years, and during the last ten years, I’ve established myself as a top authority in online marketing and, especially, social selling. She spends a lot of time lecturing and educating company owners all around the world about social selling methods.

Will the Real You Please Stand Up: Show Up, Be Authentic, and Prosper on Social Media was released on January 13, 2015, and it quickly became a worldwide best seller in several categories.

She is really enthusiastic about sharing my expertise of digital media, social media, and, in particular, social selling as a means of business growth.

16. Jennifer Polk

Jennifer Polk works at Gartner as a Managing Vice President. She oversees a team of specialists who provide go-to-market strategy, demand creation, messaging and positioning, and marketing agility advice to Technology Product Marketers.

Ms. Polk has 18 years of B2B and B2C business and marketing expertise, with a focus on digital marketing, social marketing, marketing agencies, digital commerce, and customization. Ms. Polk previously worked for a digital marketing agency, where she developed and executed multichannel marketing initiatives to increase consumer engagement and revenue.

She previously led a social marketing centre of excellence for Sears Holdings Corporate, where she assisted multiple business units in developing social marketing strategies, integrating social into multichannel marketing, and determining the business impact of social marketing on e-commerce results. She has also worked with Sears Holdings Corporate in brand management and J.P. Morgan Chase in sales and account-based marketing.

17. Scott Stratten

Scotts specialises in video marketing and is regarded as one of the world’s top Video Marketing Influencers. He is the brains behind a number of successful companies. He is also a keynote speaker and the author of numerous marketing publications. It’s worth noting that he used to work in music industry marketing before becoming a successful digital marketer.

18. Jeff Sheehan

Jeff Sheehan is an expert in viral marketing. His business, Sheehan Marketing Strategies, creates buzz marketing strategies for companies like IBM and Apple. Jeff Sheehan is a Linkedin and Twitter marketing expert.

19. Leonard Kim

Ditch the Act: Reveal the Surprising Power of the Real You for Greater Success is coauthored by Leonard Kim. To stack success, Leonard unveils the seven-step brand process in his book, which teaches readers how to own and expose who they actually are, build meaningful relationships that shift the needle, and last, find the brilliance that already exists from inside.

Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and Mashable all named his TEDx Talk, Why You Should Let Your Fears Guide You, as one of the greatest TED Talks of all time. Leonard has been named a Top Marketing Influencer by Forbes, a Top Digital Marketer and Top Youth Marketer by Inc. Magazine, and a Top Personal Branding Expert by Entrepreneur.

20. Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer is a pioneer in assisting businesses and professionals in maximising the business potential of social media. Neal is a worldwide social media conference speaker who has spoken at industry-leading events on three continents. He is a Forbes Top 30 Social Media Power Influencer and the founder of the AdAge Top 100 Global Marketing Blog Windmill Networking.

”Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing” and “Windmill Networking: Maximizing LinkedIn” are two of Neal’s award-winning and highly praised social media publications, and he is now working on his third book, “Maximizing Twitter for Business.”

21. Donna Moritz

Donna Moritz is a visual content strategist and social media keynote speaker who is recognised for her unique content/visual story-telling training. She is regarded as one of the world’s foremost visual content gurus in marketing and tourism today.

Donna is your girl if you’re looking for a blogger that understands what she’s talking about! Socially Sorted, her award-winning blog, was named one of Forbes’ “Top 5 Blogs You Need to Know About in 2019.”

22. Ann Handley

Ann Handley is the co-founder of ClickZ and the Head of Content at MarketingProfs. She is a digital pioneer, a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, and the co-founder of ClickZ. IBM has identified her as one of the seven people influencing modern marketing, and she is also the world’s first Chief Content Officer! Do you want to enhance your ability to write content? Ann’s blog is a great place to start.

23. Joe Pulizzi

CMI – the Content Marketing Institute – and Content Marketing World were founded by Joe Pulizzi. He’s a best-selling author, a digital pioneer, a keynote speaker, and a fundraiser for the Orange Effect Foundation, which he and his wife created to treat children with speech problems.

24. Shama Hyder

Entrepreneur Magazine has dubbed Shama Hyder the “Zen Master of Marketing,” while Fast Company has dubbed her the “Millennial Master of the Universe.” She is a digital marketer, author, CEO, and keynote speaker who has won several awards. Entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and social media are her areas of expertise. Shama was included to Forbes’ list of 30 under 30 movers and shakers, and the list continues on!

25. Oli Gardner

Oli Gardner is the co-founder of Unbounce, a popular landing page builder that doesn’t require any coding knowledge. He is one of the world’s most renowned digital marketing influencer, and his lectures are in high demand due to both the topic and his unique, dynamic approach.

Do you want to join him in his effort to eradicate “marketing mediocrity” from the world? Check out his well-known Landing Page Sessions! Oli talks about anything from conversion-centered design to “finding the squeaky wheel” in marketing efforts.

26. Casie Gillette

Casie Gillette is the Senior Director of Digital Marketing at KoMarketing, where she is in charge of the company’s digital marketing strategy. Casie is also an important member of KoMarketing’s leadership team, assisting in the direction of corporate projects, service offerings, and the firm’s web presence. Casie routinely speaks on search, social, and branding at leading marketing conferences such as SMX, SearchLove, Pubcon, and others, with over ten years of expertise.

27. Bhavik Sarkhedi

He is the founder of WriteRight, India’s fastest-growing content agency, and the author of three best-selling books, including The Weak Pont Dealer, C to T of Content Writing, and Will You Walk a Mile with Me? Above all, he has been recognised internationally as one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurs in the digital marketing industry, having been listed by Forbes India as one of the best content writers in the country.

28. Justyn Howard

He is the founder and CEO of Sprout Social and a well-known figure in the field of social media marketing. He has aided over 24,000 businesses in expanding their social media networks. Following him will be beneficial if you want to improve your social media interaction abilities. He is the finest social media growth hacker and digital marketing influencer.

29. Barry Schwartz

He is the President and Owner of RustyBrick Inc and one of the best SEO and web development experts. He focuses in lowering corporate operating expenses while increasing sales income. Barry Schwartz is the man to follow if you want to master Search Engine Marketing methods. He assists customers in expanding their businesses and increasing their brand awareness.

30. Mari Smith

She is regarded as one of the top Instagram influencers in the marketing industry. She strives to provide powerful and revealing outcomes. She assists entrepreneurs and enterprises in developing and achieving their business objectives. She is a specialist in the field of Facebook marketing. She has over 1.7 million online followers and a strong online presence. She is known as the Facebook Queen. Ms. Smith and her team select and mentor a large number of social media professionals. Her blog,, is where she shares her insightful learnings.

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