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SEO fundamentals

What Is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to improve the website to get a higher rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO is important for short businesses and big companies that use websites to sell their products or services. It is a free but powerful way of digital marketing. One who gets the top rank in the search engine will get more traffic to their sites and also that helps to increase their revenue.

What Does a SEO Expert Do?

The role of SEO experts is to research and analyze the best high volume and low competition keywords relevant to the business they are working in. They use that found keywords in their websites to get a high rank in the search engines. 

How To Become a SEO Expert?

1.Create your own website

2.Upload the blogs which you are interested in 

3.Join the seo free course or some best paid course, Finish Some Free SEO Certification Course in Online

4.Apply the techniques in your website one at a time because to check whether it is working or not

5.After some weeks or months it doesn’t show results , change the technique.

6.When you see some results , stick to that technique and optimize that.

7.You have to wait patiently , that’s the main attitude for a seo expert.

Who is this course for?


Content creators

Anyone looking to skill up on SEO

What do you need to have ?

Website(not necessary to complete but to apply techniques)


Consistency(Highly needed)

Courses List

1.Hubspot Academy – Free SEO Certification course:

Hubspot is a company that is famous for its Customer relationship management software tools(CRM) Which has tools for marketing, sales, content management, operational tools, and much more. It is one of the famous industry leaders in the marketing field. They provide free certification training online for everyone who has an interest in digital marketing and its techniques. Hubspot Academy provides courses for various topics which are more important to marketers. Plus point is You don’t have to pay anything to learn SEO from Hubspot academy.

What you’ll learn from this:?

1.SEO Basics

2.On page and technical SEO

3.Keyword Research for SEO

4.Link Building for SEO and scaling you backlink strategy

5.Optimizing your website for Rich results

6.SEO reporting

Course Details:


TOTAL : 3 hours


CERTIFICATION: After scoring 45 out of 60 on the test, you will get a certificate. Reattempt will be available after 12 hours from attending the first exam

Hubspot Free SEO Certification


1.Rachel Sheldon – Inbound Professor on the HubSpot Academy

2.Matthew Howells-Barby–  HubSpot’s in-house SEO expert

3.Josephine Wick – Content strategies

4.Corey Braccialini – content creator

5.Justin Champion – digital marketing professional

2.Linkedin Learning:


Linkedin is the world’s largest social networking platform for professionals. It is very useful for jobseekers, Hiring HR’s, Business peoples to grow their network and more. It has its own educating platform called LinkedIn Learning. It has more training courses with certification and you can share that in your profile. These can improve your chances of getting placed. This platform has a free trial for one month. If you want to continue further you have to pay some amount. But every penny investing in this is worth

What you’ll learn from this:?

1.SEO Basics

2.SEO for Social Media

3.Keyword Strategy

4.Local SEO

5.Link Building

6.International SEO

Course Details:


TOTAL: 10 hours 28 minutes

CERTIFICATION: When you have finished the course, You will earn a certificate of completion.


1.David Booth – Consultant, Instructor, Founding Partner of Cardinal Path

2.Anson Alexander – Blogger, Author, SEO Expert, Teacher, Tech Geek

3.Brad Batesole –  Chief Learning Officer at Madecraft

4.Matt Bailey – Author, Marketing Expert, Trainer, Speaker



Semrush is an industry-leading SEO tool providing company that offers solutions for SEO, PPC, content, social media, and competitive research. They offer a free SEO certification course. But, you need the Semrush tool to apply the techniques which are said in the video.

What you’ll learn from this:?

1.SEMrush SEO Toolkit

2.keyword and competitive research

3.ON-page and technical seo

4.Link Building 

5.Rank Tracking

6.Mobile, International, and Local SEO

Course Details:


TOTAL: 6+hours

CERTIFICATION: After completing the exam successfully with 70%  , certification will be awarded.Unlimited attempts will be given.


1.Ashley Ward -Digital marketing Strategist



Yoast is a wordpress plugin which helps to optimize your website.It is one of the top SEO plugin.It is used to outrank the competitors, to avoid duplicate content and much more useful stuff are available in yoast.They are offering free SEO certification Course as well as premium paid course.

What you’ll learn from this:?

1.SEO basics

2.Yoast Plugin

3.Site structure

4.keyword research


6.Rich results

Course Details:


TOTAL: 3+hours

CERTIFICATION: After the successful completion, a Certificate will be awarded.


Team Yoast



Coursera is an online learning platform which offers a free trial to explore the course. After that you have to pay on a monthly basis to access unlimited courses.It also offers certification which helps to boost our career journey.

.What you’ll learn from this:?

1.On page seo

2.Off page seo

3.technical seo

4.keyword research

Course Details:


TOTAL: 29 hours ( approx ) to complete

CERTIFICATION: Certification of completion(credit card details needed to access free trial and cancel anytime)


1.Rebekah May – Head of Organic Acquisition at Fishbrain

6.Emarketing Institute‘s SEO Certification Course:


Emarketing institute is a free online learning platform that offers many digital marketing-related courses for free. You can access all the resources for free and get certified when you cleared in exams.

What you’ll learn from this:?

1.fundamentals of SEO

2. Basic keyword Research

3.Google rankings and algorithm updates building

5.Optimize your website

6.SEO recommendations

Course Details:

LESSONS:156 page ebook will be given

TOTAL: preferable free time

CERTIFICATION: after passing exam with 50% ,certificate will be awarded


Emarketing institute team

7. 7 boats


7boats is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Kolkata which is offering a free seo certification course. Seven Boats Academy is led by Debajyoti Banerjee, B.Tech in CSE & PGDM in Marketing, Debajyoti has 17+ years of domain expertise. 

What you’ll learn from this:?

1.SEO fundamentals

2.keyword Research

3.On page and off page seo

4.SEO tools

5.keyword research

6.competitive analysis

Course Details:

LESSONS: 51 units & quizzes

TOTAL: 21 hours & 42 minutes

CERTIFICATION: certification of completion


1.Debajyoti Banerjee – Founder, CEO of Seven Boats Info-System & lead trainer at Seven Boats Academy

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