Cool 9 Linkedin profile optimization Tips (Step by Step)


This is a complete guide to Linkedin Profile Optimization in 2021.

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1. Optimize your Profile Image


Profile Image gets a first impression from the users to identity who you are. If you are a influencer or Top known person in the world, people can easily accept you. But, If you are a beginner and starting your career after school or college, then you are new to social world. So, People don’t know about you. People don’t know about your attitude or Don’t know whether you are a good guy or bad one. We can get rid of this by adding your original image in profile picture. So, Add Clear, Professional, Passport sized image with lite smile, and also with thick color background. This is the first Linkedin Profile Optimization technique you must do in first place.

2. Optimize your Cover Image


Cover Images are like billboards. It is the best way showing who you are, what you can do etc. People can easily attract from that. You can use bright colors to attract them instantly. 1584px X 396px is the Perfect Size for the cover image. Use Some interesting quotes related to your industry. Tell about yourself in short and sweet text.

3. Optimize your Url

It is one of the good technique to change your URL user friendly. Linkedin Gives you random name in linkedin like every other people in it to differentiate. But, You can optimize it make it simple. Go to Click on the edit public profile & URL. Click on the pen icon and change the URL to your name. Sometimes it will not available because already it was claimed by someone. So, Give some unique name. You can also choose privacy settings which allows you to choose what can people see in your profile.

4. Optimize Your Bio

After showing your Face, Now you have to Tell about yourself. It is one of the main linkedin profile optimization techniques. Your Bio should be very specific, easy to understand and helps people to understand about you. You can add your workplace, job role etc.

5. Optimize your Contact Info

If people loves your work, they need you in someway like they may offer you a job or any freelancing works or any other things. So, you can include your email id, phone number, blog site, your address to help people contact you even you have not used linkedin for a while.

6. Optimize your About

About Section helps you describe about you in detailed manner. You can elongate your bio here. you can tell your achievements, what you have learned from your projects etc. Pro tip is Use Keyword focused content related to your niche. It helps to rank your profile in google if people searches for someone in your industry. It increases your value. Optimizing your about adds more value to your linkedin profile optimization.

7. Use Featured Option

Feature Option helps you to showcase your achievements, your best post, your articles etc without any disturbance. If you show right featured post to people, like the above certificate. People will recognize you has a Field Expert. This will open up many ways to achieve your goal.

8. Treat Linkedin as your resume

I hope You know how to create resume and what are the items to be add in there. Example: About Your education, your skills, your known languages, your certification etc. You can add all of this here also. By clicking the pen option you can change that. Enter all your details accurately and hit save button.

9. Connect with others

New Connections helps you to reach new goals. Linkedin is not like other social media. Even it has some fake profiles but, most profiles are genuine and you can see the professional background of the person here. So, Don’t have any fear to connect with new person.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed my ultimate guide to Linkedin Profile Optimization

Now I’d like to hear from you: which tip from today’s guide are you going to try first?

Are you going to use Featured option to showcase your talent?

Or maybe you want to try shortening your URL

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