This is the ultimate list of SEO Blogs in 2021.

So if you want to:

  • learn SEO
  • Gain more traffic
  • Wants to know working strategies
  • Update knowledge on Google’s algorithm

Then you’ll love to follow these listed SEO Blogs.

Let’s get started.

First Understand,

SEO is easy to learn but hard to follow up.

That means google changes its algorithm regularly so your Strategy may work or not.

No worries.

That’s why there are top SEO blogs are available in the market to show the tips, hacks, and working strategies that work in 2021.

List of Top SEO Blogs

1. Backlinko


Backlinko is one of the actionable SEO Blogs on the internet, Which helps beginners to kickstart from the basics of SEO to Advanced Techniques. In Backlinko, We can find up-to-date Actionable Techniques, Statistics that help to understand and implement the best SEO strategies to our website. It is the best website to Follow in terms of SEO, the Best in the industry by my own experience.

Founder: Brian Dean

Started: 2012

My Favourite Post:

2. Moz

Moz is the Best SEO Tool Provider in the industry. They also Providing Valuable SEO Resources in the form of their blogs. Many SEO Peoples are following Moz to know what is happening in the industry. It also covers More digital marketing stuff but their main focus is on SEO. Their whiteboard Fridays video, A Weekly video Series is helpful where it consists of more How to resources, Cheatsheets to get success on SEO.

Founder: Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig

Started: 2004

My Favourite Post:

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is known for its keywords and backlink tool. Which is more helpful to find the rankings. They have plenty of articles as SEO blogs which consists of Original researches using their tool, how-to blogs, and youtube videos, and much more. Which is in a more practical aspect mainly in technical SEO and Link building.

Founder: Dmitry Gerasimenko

Started: 2011

My Favourite Post:

4. Search Engine Land

Digital marketing is changing daily and we cannot keep up with that flow. Thanks to Search Engine Journal. Which is not only one of the Top SEO blogs on the internet but also a digital marketing news website. They upload plenty of quality content every month. Which is helpful to follow up on google’s algorithm using this blog. They have their team to get content for the blog and also have some big contributors providing them with an article.

Founder: Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman

Started: 2006

My Favourite Post:

5. Search Engine Journal

To attract visitors from search engines, SEJ (Search Engine Journal) often employs a community-based approach to search marketing information. They, too, are nearly entirely focused on SEO news, much like Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Journal provides a nice mix of in-depth articles for novices and company owners who are just getting started with SEO and some more sophisticated issues for digital marketing experts.

Search Engine Journal provides news and techniques relating to the search engine marketing business, ranging from link building to Google’s latest algorithm updates.

Founder: Loren Baker

Started: 2003

My Favourite Post:

6. Search Engine Watch

Several readers recommended this multi-author site, which covers a wide range of search marketing topics. Since the first web search software was released, Search Engine Watch has been writing about technical SEO. Having said that, they continue to cover other content marketing, social media, and e-commerce related subjects.

SEW is possibly the most established SEO blogs on our list. Their website is arranged in such a way that you can easily discover the subject you’re searching for, whether it’s information about Google algorithm updates or how to use social media to enhance your SEO.

Founder: Danny Sullivan

Started: 1996

My Favourite Post:

7. GotchSEO

Nathan Gotch, the founder of GotchSEO, has assisted hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the world in increasing their organic search traffic and overall bottom line. It also offers an academy (paid membership site) where you can learn all there is to know about SEO.

What’s the catch? Clearly, putting up such huge manuals isn’t the simplest job in the world, considering Nathan only produces one piece per month on average. Nathan, on the other hand, is unquestionably one to keep an eye on.

Founder: Nathan Gotch

Started: 2013

My Favourite Post:

8. SEMRush

SEMrush’s blog is at the forefront of current SEO trends, providing SEO guidance via several lenses ranging from app development to social media to voice search. They’ve written almost 5,000 blog articles in all.

That being said, Semrush is one of the must-have SEO tools you should use if you want to boost your website’s ranks and total sales. It facilitates everything from keyword research to backlink analysis to site audits.

Founder: Oleg Shchegolev

Started: 2008

My Favourite Post:

9. Neil Patel

Neil Patel and his team of professional marketers cover marketing news from every angle, including SEO. And their films are as captivating as their SEO blogs entries.

If you want to uncover in-depth articles about blogging, SEO, and content marketing strategies, you should start reading Neil Patel’s site, which has literally thousands of pieces chock-full of gold nuggets.

Founder: Neil Patel

Started: 2001

My Favourite Post:

10. Diggity Marketing

Matt Diggity is one of the world’s best SEOs, and I personally prefer his books to those of other well-known experts such as Neil Patel. What makes him stand out? He provides advice and suggestions based on genuine test findings. In other words, he does not just repeat what he has read elsewhere.

He puts ideas to the test and reports on what works and what doesn’t. I adore his SEO blogs and would suggest them to anybody interested in becoming serious about SEO or learning how to rank their website.

Founder: Matt Diggity

Started: 2012

My Favourite Post:

11. Yoast Blog

You’ve probably heard of the free Yoast plugin if you have a WordPress website. Yoast is a website optimization training and website integration tool for individuals who wish to learn how to improve their websites.

Its blog includes SEO methods, WordPress optimization, online marketing, and content strategies to assist marketers in their SEO efforts.

Founder: Joost de Valk

Started: 2010

My Favourite Post:

12. Mangools Blog

Mangools is a set of SEO tools (that includes tools like KWFinder, SERPWatch, SERPChecker, etc). It was initially introduced as KWFinder, with the first edition of KWFinder published in 2014.

They have now evolved into a larger brand, and their tools are utilized by millions of individuals all around the world. LinkMiner by Mangools is a powerful backlink checker application that assists you in identifying broken links.

Founder: Peter Hrbacik

Started: 2016

My Favourite Post:

13. Cognitive SEO

These folks have been putting out some quality content recently, as seen by their organic search results. Cognitive SEO is a must-read if you want to discover cutting-edge SEO strategies that can help you improve your SERP ranks.

Founder: Despre Razvan Gavrilas

Started: 2010

My Favourite Post:

14. Click minded

Clickminded is a digital marketing education platform for business owners and marketers. Despite their pricey course, they also provide a considerable number of materials in the form of a blog.

Founder: Tommy Griffith

Started: 2015

My Favourite Post:

15. Robbie Richards Blog

Robbie Richards is responsible for releasing some of the industry’s most in-depth guides. Even though he has posted relatively little information thus far, all of his postings have been valuable pieces of content.

If you want to obtain practical SEO suggestions that you can immediately use on your website to enhance your search rankings, you should read Robbie Richards’ SEO blogs.

Founder: Robbie Richards

Started: 2014

My Favourite Post:

16. DailySEOBlog

DailySEOblog intends to cover the search engine business from a unique angle: that of on-the-ground search experts. This blog provides SEO tips and tactics to help you with your search engine optimization approach.

Founder: Mani Karthik

Started: 2007

My Favourite Post:

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