Today I’m going to show you what are the main SEO Mistakes you have to avoid or fix:

In this article, you will learn

  • Mistakes you have done
  • Mistakes you have to avoid
  • How to Fix the SEO Mistakes

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List of SEO Mistakes you have to avoid are

Mistake 1: Your SEO Goal is not Clear

First, Without a goal, you will not reach anywhere. Likewise, Without Any SEO Goal, You will not able to plan your strategy.

To get traffic, a Correct Strategy is very much important.

To plan the correct strategy you will need Some goals.

For example, Goal = 1000 page views per month in 6 months is a goal for a new website. If this is clear, the Next step is easy for an SEO Professional to plan accordingly. So, be clear with your Plan.

Mistake 2: Not understanding User Search Intent

You can make very good content, a very good website, and even you have promoted your website with a high budget. But, this will not help you to get high traffic without knowing your audience and their search intent.

If your website content is only about selling something, people will bounce back. It will affect your SEO Score. So, the First step is to educate your user with informative content and then show some selling content to them.

Mistake 3: Ignoring Mobile Traffic

If you only optimize your website for desktop, then your business is really in problem. Because, After 2015, Mobile users are increased drastically and your competitors are optimizing your website for mobile.

Most of the searches are happening in the world are from mobile due to accessibility in the remote. So, Optimize your website for mobile users. Use Divi Theme to build your website because it has inbuild mobile-optimized pages.

Mistake 4: Following Old Outdated SEO Strategies

Old is gold is a good proverb to follow in other industries. But, In SEO It is the worst one. you cannot do Old SEO strategies that may be worked very well in the past year. It will lead to do same SEO Mistakes made by old people.

Think in mind, Google is changing daily as well as user mindset. Some old tricks may work now. But update your SEO skills by learning from top SEO blogs in the industry.

Mistake 5: Purchasing Backlinks


Backlinks are the best SERP Rank booster until now. But, there is a problem. According to Google, Link is to be earned in the natural method. not by purchasing from other websites. It was one of a major SEO Mistakes defined by google.

If Google finds out it will penalize your website and your traffic will go maybe forever. so, Avoid Backlinks purchasing. Create the best content and use White hat methods to get links to your website.

Mistake 6: Only using Text Format

Text…Text…Text…Very boring. This was a mindset of a user when they see some blogs. Most of the blogs only consist of text. But, there are more than that. So, Use infographics, relevant images, youtube videos, and some responsive quizzes like questions to engage the audience.

Mistake 7: Not showing you as an Expert

If you don’t know him, do you listen to someone speak on the mic in your school days? Probably not. Let’s answer another question. Do you listen to Abdul kalam’s speech if he has come to your school for some event? Definitely.

Because you know he is the best scientist in the world. Coming to our discussion, you have to show people that you are an expert in your field. Then only they follow your blog. So, show your expertise, projects, and achievements on your website.

Mistake 8: Ignoring Title and Meta Description

Many people optimize images, backlinks, website design and also do many advanced techniques to get rank. But, Although doing so many works some people may not get high rank because small things make a big difference that you have not optimized. Don’t ignore this, otherwise it will be your best SEO Mistakes ever.

I am talking about the Title and Meta Description of your web page. They are super effective for every niche site. so, Optimize every page with a custom title and meta description.

Mistake 9: Not Optimizing Internal Links

Backlinks are highly effective for ranking. so, many people concentrate on that part. But, they forgot the golden opportunity in internal links. Internal links help to get traffic to your new website from already high-traffic websites.

It also passes link juice. so, your new page gets higher authority. It will increase your SERP Ranking. So, Use internal links at least 2-5 in your high authority pages.

Mistake 10: Not Optimizing for Local Search

If your business services locally, then your website must be optimized for local search. To optimize locally, you have to use location-based keywords, have an account in google my business, clearly mention your contact details. and also you have to list your website in top business listing sites and local blogs.

Mistake 11: Not Optimizing for the Right Keywords

Most of the time your website ranked for more keywords than you expected. It is good to get traffic. but, getting traffic from the right keyword helps you get more conversions. It will really help for business.
So, Search for the right keyword for your business, Optimize your website around that and enjoy more traffic.

Mistake 12: Not using Google Analytics & Right Tools

An analysis is the best skill to grow in any field. If you are a developer you have to analyze website performance and design. In our SEO Field, We have to analyze the traffic like where we are getting more traffic, which country, which time, etc. these can be acquired from Google analytics. So, Connect your website with google analytics and get more insights about user acquisition.

Mistake 13: Negative Google Reviews

If you have a local business or business which sells online, definitely people gave you some reviews in your google my business. If your service is good, people will give you 5-star ratings, and the rating reduces based on your performance. Google also takes this as the ranking factor. So, try to give the best service or at least respond to the negative review that you may change in the future. Always respond to the review.

Mistake 14: Not Optimizing Broken Images and Alt Text

Images are the one which attracts users at the first sight. because it has multiple visuals other than text. If your website has unloadable images or no image then, the user thinks the website is not worthy. and also give alt text to the image because google shows the image with text to the visually impaired person. So, insert a unique image, and don’t forget to add relevant alt text.

Mistake 15: Useless Contact Form

Contact forms are the good ones for inbound marketing(getting leads). The problem is you have to use external code to create contact forms on your website. So, it reduces website speed. even after using the code, you are not using the form wisely then it makes no sense. So, use forms wisely or don’t use them at all.

Mistake 16: Keyword Stuffing

Keywords play a major role in SEO. But, using more keywords for the sake of getting rank without any meaning was not allowed by google’s panda algorithm. It will penalize your website. It is called as keyword stuffing and considered as big SEO Mistakes. So, use very few relevant keywords and you can use LSI keywords instead. for every 200 words of content you can use 1 keyword. so, optimize the website with a minimal number of main keywords and as an alternative use LSI keywords.

Mistake 17: Low-Quality Website Design

Websites are the main building for your online business. What happens if your office building is not in the right design, or poor color quality, or is very much messy, then people will not come back to your office. Likewise, your website design and navigation are very much important. So, Create Wireframes before creating a website. That will help you to get some ideas and create a good design.

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